How to use My GA Online in Athlete and Parent Meetings

Posted on: May 8, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

How to use My GA Online in Athlete and Parent Meetings

Have you every been in a Parent or Athlete Meeting but you have no documentation of their attendance or performance?

Does it feel extremely cumbersome trying to keep up?

My GA Online’s Attendance Feature can be a great tool during meetings with parents and athletes. You can do this in two very easy steps, by taking attendance and leaving notes!

Take Attendance

Your staff can take the attendance for every athlete for easily. They can be marked as Present, Late, Excused Absence or Unexcused Absence. Athletes can be searched by team or position to easily take attendance.

Leaving Notes

Every day, coaches have the option to leave notes for a player. These can be used for anything that the coaching staff deems necessary to document. Here are some examples:

  • Reason for Tardiness or Absence
  • Athlete was involved in Altercation with another player or coach
  • Athlete went above and beyond
  • Athlete left during practice
  • Track athlete ‘extra duty’ progress or performance

Notes can be a few words or a long explanation, there is no character or word limit.

Athlete’s Attendance Report

By clicking on an Athlete’s Profile page it will reveal a calendar view of all the times Attendance was taking for an Athlete. Notes that were left on a specific day will appear with an Asterix (*) and can be easily viewed. Coach’s can also add or alter notes and attendance from an Athlete’s Profile.


My GA Online is meant to help coaching staffs, ‘Spend Less Time Working and More Time Coaching.’ Parent meetings are very important in the growth of a young athlete to a man. Any and all documentation that a coach has will be great assets to meetings with athlete’s and their parents.


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