About My GA Online

My GA Online was created to provide coaching staffs with the tools to maximize their efficiency! Football has many responsibilities past Xs and Os take valuable time completely. My GA Online is focused on streamlining the administrative side football programs.

Our Vision

‘Spend Less Time Working and More Time Coaching’

Our Story

My GA Online was founded by Texas High School Football coach Zach Herbst. He was the young, tech-savvy gopher on staff that was looking for ways to save time during the week. Being a full-time classroom teacher and football coach required a lot of work outside of hours, he sought out a better way to keep up with depth charts, rosters, two deep, attendance, managers, filmers, trainers, and many other unforeseen tasks. The prototype was built using Excel and was turned into a web-based platform in 2017.

Coaches and Teachers have an extraordinary impact on the young people of our country and our time with them is extremely valuable. That is why everything we do at My GA Online is meant to help coaches “Spend Less time Working, and More Time Coaching.”

My GA Family

Join our family and start benefiting from MY GA by starting your 21 free day Trial. Or to learn more about how My GA can help make everyday clerical tasks more efficient, please Contact us.