How to use My GA Online for Track and Field!

Posted on: December 19, 2017 | General, Tips and Tricks

How to use My GA Online to stay organized for Track and Field

Every football coach knows the importance that their football team participates in track. We here at My GA Online understand that you might have a tough time tracking your track athletes and staying organized, don’t worry My GA Online is here to help.

Currently, My GA Online is not designed to specifically assist with all the support for a Track Program, but it is something that is in the future plans. Using our practice depth charts, a coach can create and customize for their program needs. Follow these simple steps and you can create a great way to help your staff stay organized.


*You can create a team and use the official depth charts, but it will cause issues with your regular depth charts due to the fact that an athlete can only be on one team.*

  1. Create 5 practice depth charts. We used Hands Team because it was the least used practice depth charts for programs.
  2. Depth Charts in order of events. (My GA Online does not allow an athlete to be in two different places on the same team so there are no mistakes. That is why the depth chart is broken up the way they are.)
    1. Shot Put, High Jump, 3x Jump
    2. Discus, Pole Vault, Long Jump
    3. 3200, 400 Relay, 800, 100H
    4. 100, 800 Relay, 400, 300 H
    5. 200, 1600, 1600 Relay, Extra
  3. You can customize is it to your needs. For example, you can put Time or Attempts into a position next to the event so you can keep notes.
  4. When you are reading to go to a Scratch meeting just Select Hands Team on the Practice Depth Charts and you have a simple print out for your Track Meet

Here is an example: