10 Things You Don’t Think About To Get Done Before The 1st Game!

Posted on: July 28, 2017 | General, Support/Help

10 Things You Don’t Think About to Get Done Before the 1st Game!

At the start of every football season, coaches are inundated with To-Dos that are a mile long. My GA Online is helping coaches ‘Spend Less Time Working and More Time Coaching’. Below is a checklist for coaches to complete before the year starts and how to streamline the process using My GA Online.

1. All Athletes Are in My GA Online Database

There are two easy ways that you can make sure that your program has all your athletes in the My GA Online database.

  1. Check the database against the official Attendance Roll of each athletic period. By downloading the .CSV file it will be easier to format to print. You can make your changes on the .CSV file and then re-upload it with all your changes. (Download and Import)
  2. Position coaches can go through their list of players to make sure each of their athletes are on the list.

2. All Athletes Are on a Team

For an Athlete to appear on an official Roster they need to be on a ‘Game Day Depth Chart’. The easiest way to check to organize all your athletes by ‘Team’ in the Athlete Database. The Athletes who are not on a team will have a blank in the team name field. Once there are no blanks under team, then all of your Athletes are on a team.

3. Check that Athlete’s Name is correctly Spelled

My GA Online’s database is going to use an Athlete’s Profile information for all other information and publications. This is why it is critical that their name is spelled correctly in their profile. Coaches can either print out rosters and have athletes initial next to their name or make corrections. You can also do a Download and Import for all the Athletes and do the same procedure. Once an Athletes name is confirmed to be spelled correctly, their name will always be spelled correctly as long as they are in your program.


4. Check All Other Important Athlete Information is Correct (Jersey #, Year, Position)

The information that is stored in My GA Online will be used to populate Program Documents. Check Jersey Numbers, Class Year, and Position. This can be easily done by printing out the Roster for each team and review them as a staff.


5. Athletes with unique names have Pronunciation

It is always embarrassing when an announcer says one of your Athlete’s name. In each of your Athlete’s profiles, there is a field titled Pronunciation where you can write the phonetic spelling of chosen Athletes.  For example, Andrew Beasley you would type Andrew Bees-Lee. Then when you select the Media Roster it will have your Athlete’s Number, Name, Position, and Pronunciation.


6. Student Support Staff is Updated

Review that all of your Trainers, Filmers, and Managers are updated in your Student Support Database. It will also be helpful to make sure that those student’s name is spelled correctly.


7. Coach’s Names are Updated

Review that Coach’s database to make sure all your Coaches, Trainers, and Athletic Secretary are updated and names are spelled correctly.

8. All School and District Administration is Updated

My GA Online has an Administration Database that allows your staff to input are you school administrative leadership as well as the District Atheltic Department and the Superintendent. Make sure that their names are spelled correctly, worse thing would get your boss mad because their name is spelled wrong on the roster they picked up.

9. Teams Have Proper Names on Roster

Many programs have specific and unique names for their sub-varsity teams. Review that you Game Day Depth Chart for your sub-varsity teams have the proper name. The name of the Game Day Depth Chart is going to be the name that is going to transfer to that Team’s Roster.

10. Print, Review, Copy and Share

After your staff has accomplished steps 1 through 9 print out all publications and review. Make sure when your staff is printing the roster that you click the to put your Athletes in the proper numerical order.

Share and Copy your Rosters to all key personnel