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Posted on: June 6, 2017 | Setup, Support/Help

My GA Online has a comprehensive video tutorial system on our YouTube Channel. There are also written instructions in the YouTube Description.

You will be able to find the right video by finding where your question falls under the Navigation bar. If you click the heading it will take you to the playlist for that section of My GA Online.

You can use CRTL+F to quick find your topic. (Command+F if you are using a Mac)


New To My GA: Best Way to Setup Your Program

Athlete Database Help

Add Single Athlete

Edit Athlete

Make Mass Changes

Search and Download

Upload Athletes

Attendance Help

Single Athlete Attendance Profile

Take Attendance

View Program Attendance Reports

Dashboard Help

Add a Team 

Edit and Delete a Team

Rearrange Teams 

Depth Chart Help

Add an Athlete to the Depth Chart

Add Rows to Depth Chart

Edit Depth Chart

Edit Depth Chart Order

Moving Athlete Around Athlete Depth Chart

Personnel Packages

The Right Click


Practice Scripting

Create a New Play

Create New Practice Plan Script

Edit/Delete Practice Plan

Edit/Delete Play

Master Script Explanation

Mass Upload and Changes to Master Script

Print Practice Script

Script Practice

Schedule A Practice

Program Help

Add/Edit Position


Program Summary


Rosters and Publications Help

Edit Two Deep

Rosters Explanation

Settings Help

Change Class Colors

Change Graduation Date

Staff Help

Add/Edit Coaches

Add/Edit Administrators

Add/Edit Student Support

Resend Invite